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About Active Dot

Professional Website Solutions

We founded X9 Internet in 1998, trading from the domain X9.NET, during a time when trying to source a web designer was like crossing a mine field. It was a time when many computer repair shops, including just about anyone who owned a computer and a copy of Word, "became" a web designer. The end result often were expensive websites which looked absolutely dreadful.

In 2003, Active Dot was set up to provide a cost effective design service to X9 Internet's clients. However, whilst Active Dot websites looked great and were often less costly than a website designed by a computer repair technician, we listened to our clients who demanded a more quicker solution which would also allow them to make changes to their sites themselves. The result was an investment into a template driven site builder tool. This was introduced by X9 Internet in 2005.

As developers of these site builder applications battled to outrank their competitors, this software became much more complicated in the process, due to the introduction of all kinds of novel features, until these site builders became so complex that the average nontechnical person would find it difficult or impossible to build their website. Back to square one - the very tool that was designed to help nontechnical folks has now become too technical for them.

The Solution

The webmaster service assigns a web designer to your website who will ensure that your website works perfectly every day of the year and is constantly kept up to date with new content and photos. Simple.

For those who prefer to manage their own website, we provide a simplified version of the auto site builder (developed in-house by X9 Internet) to offer an instant ready-made website which can easily be managed and updated by the site owner, who also benefits from a real live person working behind the scenes with a support telephone number to call when things go wrong.

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