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What is Nominet?
The UK Naming Committee

Formerly known as the UK Naming Committee, Nominet is the UK government appointed body responsible for the administration and management of all domains ending in uk.

Second-level domains it does not control directly include, and, domains of the NHS, government and academic organisations respectively.

Nominet was created in 1996. We became an accredited registrar of the .uk TLD in 1999 with the registrar tags X9INTERNET and GOHOT which places us amongst some of the oldest and most established UK domain registrars. We can register domains ending in .uk,,,, and Domains can be registered or renewed for just 1 year and up to 10 years.

When choosing a web host or a provider of UK domain names, it is advisable to opt for a firm which is an approved Nominet registrar. When you choose ActiveDot to register your UK domain, our terms and conditions also include the terms and conditions provided by Nominet. You can view their latest terms and conditions

Unlike the equivalent organisations in many other countries, Nominet does not itself sell or register domain names. This task is delegated to registrars such as X9 Internet, but Nominet does provide unbiased advice to registrants about registering, maintaining and protecting their domain names. To date, there are about 13.9 million .uk domain names in use with an annual growth rate of over 21%. Nominet is estimated to be the fourth largest TLD in the world.

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