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Search Engines
Easy automated Search Engine Submission

There are currently 3 Search Engines to consider (although Yahoo was since acquired by Bing)

Whilst there are hundreds of websites offering Internet search, at the moment there are only three main search engines which process nearly all searches for driving lessons and driving instructors. They are Google with 62.6% of the market share, Yahoo with 18.9% and Microsoft's new Bing search engine which replaced MSN Search, which achieved 12.7% of the market share in the 12 months since it launched. The remaining 5.8% of the market is shared by all the other search engines combined.

When considering search engine submission for your driving instructor website, there is no need to submit to any other than the three main search engines. The reason for this is that all the remaining search sites buy their search results from one of these three search engines. For example, if you visit Altavista and also Lycos to enter a search, the results from both search engines will be similar, if not identical, because both results are provided by Yahoo. See the graphic below:

We take care of the task of getting your driving school website indexed with the Search Engines

Search engines crawl the web every few weeks, looking for new websites and updated pages to index. In a nutshell, this is how it works - search engines start at a website with a large number of links, such as a directory. They follow every link and index each page they arrive at. Then they follow links from that page until there are no more links to follow. Every page they arrived at after following every link gets indexed and becomes available in a search.

There is no need to submit your Driving Instructor website to a search engine. We do that for you automatically. Google crawls all our web servers and will pick up your new site quickly. In addition to that, all driving school websites created by Active Dot benefit from a one way link pointing to your website which is automatically added to our large member network which is regularly visited by Google and Bing.
An automatic ONE-WAY link to your site

We provide an easy search engine tool for every web page

From your website control panel you have the option to show the meta data for each web page. This will show you the title and description tags which you simply edit to reflect the content on each page and the keywords for which you would like each page be listed after a search. If you also order the webmaster service then we will take care of this for you.

Google Maps and Google Places

Getting you listed with Google Places and Google+ is something we can assist you with. Google Places and Google+ will compliment your search engine page position and help drive website visitors and new customers to your website.

We have taken care of EVERYTHING for you
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