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Server Uptime History
Choose a host who publishes uptime history

Out of around 300,000 websites selling hosting on the Internet today, only a tiny portion of these sites belong to specialist hosting firms. The rest are run by resellers and sub resellers, often just part-time, and reliable server uptime may not be their strong point. If they claim to offer a 99.9% uptime, ask for proof.

It should be immensely important to you how reliable your hosting firm's web server is. After all, your website will contribute greatly towards your business's ability to grow your customer base and your overall earnings. If your website suffers lots of down time, your reputation as an online identity may be tarnished and this may result in lost profits and lost earnings.

We are proud of our uptime history

Boxter uptime Active Dot driving instructor websites are hosted on the shared Boxter hosting platform provided by X9 Internet, our parent company. Our website uptime is monitored by and below is the latest live report. Anything over 99.5% is considered excellent.

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