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The Site Map
The Site Map

Our Product
A full description of our service

Web Hosting
Services and features included with your hosting account

Domain Names
An introduction to our domain names

Get support for your website

Contact Us
Here is where you can find our contact details

About Us
Further information regarding this product

Typical Questions answered about this service

Log In
Log into your service area

Search Engine Inclusion
Details about how we manage search engine inclusions

One Click Installations
Information about additional website features which you can install into your account with just one click

Windows Servers
Windows servers are also available for advanced users

Nominet explained

Nominet Terms
A recent copy of Nominet's terms of use applying to UK domains

Our Guarantee
Your rights and our refund policies explained

Server Status
A tool to show the status of your hosting uptime

Data Centre
More about the data centre

Uptime History
Look at our recorded uptime history

Server Specifications
Explains your server features

Company Stuff

Privacy Policy
How we deal with privacy and the British Data Protection Act

Terms of Service
Outlining our General Terms of Service

Acceptable Use Policy
This page explains what our clients can and cannot do with the service we provide

PayPal Payments
More about PayPal

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