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The Terms
The Active Dot Terms of Service

Terms of Service
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Nominet Terms (Applying to all UK domains)
Privacy Policy

1. General Terms
The following Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and accompanying policies (collectively the "TOS", "contract" or the "Agreement") constitute a binding, legal agreement between Active Dot ("Active Dot", the "Company", "us" or "we") and the customer (the "Customer" or "you") which shall govern the terms and conditions of services provided by the Company. The Company agrees to provide services to the Customer in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement.

1.1 Definition of Terms. All services provided by Active Dot are henceforth referred to as the "Service". All accounts, whether they be managed websites, shared web hosting, or any other product or service offered by Active Dot, are governed under the Agreement and subject to all terms and conditions. In all parts of the Agreement, singular refers to plural and masculine refers to feminine as applicable.

1.2. Modifications to this Agreement. We reserve the right to change the Agreement at anytime, in whole or in part, at any time. Where you disagree with the updated agreement, you will be able to cancel and terminate services at the end of your current billing period. If you reject the updated agreement and fail to contact us within seven (7) days giving notice of your rejection in writing, it will be assumed that you acknowledge and agree to the updated Agreement and agree to be bound by the updated terms. You acknowledge that any changes or modifications shall not constitute grounds for non-payment.

1.3. Transfer of Rights and Assignation. Under no circumstances shall the Customer transfer their rights under this agreement to any other individual or third-party without the direct written consent of the Company. The company shall be entitled in its absolute discretion to assign the whole or any part of this agreement.

1.4. Severability. Every provision set out in a separate paragraph will be construed as a separate and independent provision severable from all or any of the other provisions. The headings are for convenience only and will not affect the validity or construction thereof.

1.5. Accepted Methods of Notification. Where you are required to give notice to us under this agreement, all notifications must be made in writing and delivered either via our online members area, by sending a support ticket to the cancellation department. Notification given in any other form, for example, over the telephone or informal email to an employee or company director will not be accepted.

1.6. Jurisdiction. This contract and agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of England, United Kingdom, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the said Country.

1.7. Timeframes. All dates and times are given in good faith but no liability is accepted for damage or loss caused by delay.

1.8. Limitation of Liability. Neither party shall be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages, or any loss of profits, revenue, data, or data use. Our maximum liability for any damages whether in contract or delict will not exceed the fees which you have paid to us or are payable to us for this order, and if such damages result from your use of the software or technical support, the liability shall be limited to the fees paid or payable for the software or technical support.

2. Order Acceptance

2.1. Request for provision of services. Active Dot as a company dealing in online ecommerce, makes available to you an order form for the purpose of ordering services. During the order process, you will be assigned a unique order ID and your payment will be taken and/or your payment details stored. This does not constitute acceptance of your order. Your order is only accepted when you receive an email or other communication from us informing you that your order has been accepted and your service is now in the process of being provisioned. Your order may be rejected at any point prior and for a period of up-to twenty-four (24) hours following this, in cases where we believe your order represents too high a risk, we do not have the stock to fulfill your order or where you placed the order improperly &endash; for example, ordering a service with a promotion (including coupon codes or other automatic discounts) which has expired. The company will be the sole judge in deciding what constitutes placing an order improperly.

2.2. Incorrect or Inaccurate Information. We endeavor to make all the information on our websites and in our advertisements as accurate as possible. Active Dot however does not warrant that the information provided is complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If an error is found within fourteen (14) days of accepting your order, we will contact you as quickly as possible and allow you to either cancel your order or re-confirm your order with the correct information. Where we do not receive a response from you within seventy-two (72) hours, we will cancel your order and refund you via the means payment was taken.

2.3. Contract Period. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all services are provided on a yearly basis. The minimum contract period is one (1) year. The contract and billing period start from the date the service is ordered by you from us.

3. Billing and Refund Policy

3.1. Payment Policy. All fees for Service provided by the Company are due in advance on the first day of each billing cycle. An invoice for Services due will be generated on your account and dispatched to your primary account e-mail address approximately thirty (30) days prior to your actual due date. Within those thirty (30) days, the Customer must log into the billing center and make full payment of all due amounts. It shall be the Customer's responsibility to ensure that full payment is received prior to the designated invoice due date. Reminder invoices and/or notices are not guaranteed.

All invoices that remain unpaid after three (3) days of the designated invoice due date will result in suspension of all services, pending deletion after thirty (30) days of the designated invoice due date.

3.2. Refunds Policy. Except for the initial 30 day trial period money back guarantee, all other payments to us are final and non-refundable. Refunds will be made where we are legally obligated to do so. We may also provide refunds at our discretion. If you believe you have been overcharged or falsely billed, you must communicate these concerns to our Billing Department within twenty-eight (28) days of such overcharge or false billing.

3.3. Bank Assisted Disputes ("Chargeback"), Payment Disputes or Payment Reversals. Initiation of any complaint or Bank Assisted Dispute (chargeback) against us constitutes a severe breach of this agreement. A "complaint or chargeback" shall be defined as initiating any form of complaint or chargeback with PayPal, your credit card issuer or bank. Upon receipt of a complaint or chargeback, or threat thereof, Active Dot will immediately suspend or disconnect all Services provided to the Customer. If we do not hear from you within twenty-four (24) hours of such suspension, we will immediately cancel and terminate all Services provided, not just the Service that is being disputed. We will then initiate proceedings with our collections agency to collect and recover the full amount for services. Please note that threats of a complaint or chargeback will be treated the same as an actual complaint or chargeback

4. Cancellation Policy

4.1. Cancellation Policy. You may cancel your Services with Active Dot at anytime by providing the Company with not less than five (5) days prior written notice of your intent to cancel Services. All cancellation requests must be submitted to us via our online support page, must be submitted to the billing department, and must contain all information requested. Cancellation requests received not meeting these conditions will not be accepted.

We must emphasize that if you do not cancel a Service at least five (5) days prior to your next scheduled due date for that Service, it will be assumed that you intend to renew the Service for an additional billing cycle, and you will be responsible for payment of the next generated invoice

We may at our discretion accept cancellation requests less than five (5) days prior to your next scheduled renewal date.

5. Uptime/SLA Agreement

5.1. Service Level Agreement. Active Dot guarantees at least 99.9% network and power uptime. This excludes scheduled maintenance, reboots, self-inflicted downtime, acts of God, backbone issues, DDoS attacks, hardware failure, downtime on individual servers, service failures, labor strikes, or other conditions out of the company's control. In the unlikely event that we fail to meet our network uptime guarantee, we will issue a prorated credit to your account to be credited to your next invoice.

6. Support Policy

6.1. Support Abuse. Abuse or disrespect directed towards our staff or network staff will never be tolerated. If you are disrespectful, use foul language, threaten us, or do anything else we may find offensive, you will be considered in severe breach of this agreement. Violations of this policy carry heavy penalties including, but not limited to, warning, extended suspension or disconnection of all Services provided, or cancellation of all Services provided.

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